This website and blog is a labor of love on the part of a pensioner  – one who never in her wildest dreams imagined that her efforts would prove so satisfying and be so widely appreciated.

More than a decade after its quiet beginnings it has taken on a life of its own without promotion on my part.  It is in full bloom, yet shows no sign of fading – it just keeps growing in its own organic manner.

Originally I built the site in Dreamweaver and hosted it privately. After six years I realized the hosting costs involved were becoming burdensome and switched to the WordPress platform.  This works well, but there are still costs involved in keeping the site alive and ad free.

So, rather reluctantly, and at the urging of many friends who question the sanity of spending one’s days working without income, I’ve decided to offer you the opportunity to help support this site – and its editor.

Please understand that I do not wish to profit from the artwork and ideas posted here.  I am a handmaiden to the muse – I share because it is in my DNA, and because I know from a lifetime of experience as an artist and an educator that contemplative art practice can help to save the world, actually.  It can certainly change the lives of those for whom its practice serves to dissolve the gap between the observer and the observed.

When it comes to giving, I like the metaphor of the good old slot machine.  You pop your pennies in the top, you pull the handle, and something happens.  When we are generous, more often than not the “something” that happens is also generous.  This is the way of the Universe.

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– miriam louisa simons

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At the deepest level
there is no giver, no gift, and no recipient…
only the universe rearranging itself.

– John Kabat-Zinn