a path to stillness and awakening

New at the artisans’ gallery – photographer Dan Dhruva Baumbach

For Dan, art  – and art appreciation – is a path to stillness and awakening.

These days I love to spend my time in nature wandering around with my camera.  I still get very quiet and just respond to the beauty I see in front of me.  Sometimes I’ll take photographs of what I am seeing and sometimes not.


Photograph by Dan Dhruva Baumbach


What I’m doing in photographs is capturing my experience.  If you look at my photos and are stopped, then I’ve been successful.

People like to talk about spiritual art but I don’t like to make differences.  To me the purpose of any art is to stop you and take you out of yourself.

– Dan Dhruva Baumbach



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Dan Dhruva Baumbach at the artisans’ gallery


let your subject find you

wherever the eye falls is the face of creation

I in the Nothing

The dusky darkness spread like the network of a great tree.  In an elm the thrush was singing.  He was so hidden and one with the bushy twigs that I could only see him by his tail which twitched when his song altered.  Everything else was motionless except a broken twig which stirred and swung by a strip of bark.  As I went along I made an effort to climb out and get into these things – into the mysterious darkening and sealing of the earth, the quietening that is as the loveliest psalm of rest.  And at last I did.  I stood leaning on a gate.  I was behind the sky.  I was in the ground.  I was in the space between the trees.  My meaning grew in the earth and the firmament – I in the Nothing in which all is related.

– Margiad Evans

The Winter Journal, p39
The Autobiography of Margiad Evans, Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1943

Source: the nonduality highlights

seeing without shadows

the act of seeing