how to stitch a robe


Ueda Kyoko: 'Her Life' 2010 - Kinushi Silk dyed with red iron oxide, 37.5 x 53 inches


She was born into
this extraordinary world;
a living planet,
a dancing of millions of interdependent species,
this mystery that grows us;
flowerings of wonderment, reverence and awe.

It’s what we are.
It’s what we’re in.

It’s who we’re with.
It’s where we are,
and . . .
why we are.

– Tarchin Hearn

This is a short introduction to a new essay from eco-poet and Dharma teacher Tarchin Hearn.

Please visit Tarchins’ page to read the entire piece, which echoes back to the traditional practice of making one’s own robe (kesa) on ordination.

Artwork by Ueda Kyoko

how to stitch a robe