créer un état ordinaire

New at the artisans’ galleryPascal Rennié

Artist Pascal Rennié, who lives and works in Haute Garonne, France, works with powdered brick and earth pigments as well as acrylic and oil pigments to create works with surface texture that demands touch. They also delight the eye with their minimalist beauty and references to the creative work of nature.

Pascal Rennié: Rites - Initiation
Rites – Initiation 120 x 120
(liant, pousièrre de brique, pigments, acrylique)


Avant de toucher le pinceau, l’idéal serait de créer un état ordinaire, paisible, une fraîcheur, dénué de névroses, loin du combat des pensées et des peurs puis exprimer la vérité d’une situation sans hésitation, sans regret et sans doute.

– Pascal Rennié



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Pascal Rennié at the artisans’ gallery

seeing without words

When you take photographs, just before you click the shutter, your mind is empty and open, just seeing without words.

When you stand in front of a blank sheet of paper, about to make a painting or a calligraphy, you have no idea what you will do. Maybe you have some plan for a painting, or you know what symbol you want to calligraph, but you don’t actually know what will appear when you put brush to paper.

What you do out of trust in open mind will be fresh and spontaneous.

Opening to first thought is the way to begin any action properly.

– Jeremy Hayward

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Vol. IV, #3

let your subject find you

seeing without shadows