the process of perception is one of creation

Perception underpins all human behavior and helps interpret sensory information to make sense from the senseless. The brain, to create meaning where there is possibly none, processes perception from the unperceived and thought from the unthinkable. The process of perception is in fact one of creation. What we perceive is not what is out there or within. There is no inherent value in the incredibly complex patterns of light that fall onto our eyes, and yet we see coherent forms and motions that enable us to survive. Exploring the nature of perception can help us glimpse life beyond experiencer and experience, perceiver and perception.

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Instead of saying, ‘An observer looks at an object’, we can more appropriately say, ‘Observation is going on, in an undivided movement involving those abstractions customarily called “the human being” and “the object he is looking at”.
David Bohm

The observer is the observed.
J Krishnamurti

There is no separate, inside self and no separate outside object, other or world. Rather, there is one seamless, intimate totality, always changing when viewed from the perspective of objects, never changing when viewed from the perspective of the totality.
Rupert Spira

every time I open my eyes

Every time I open my eyes
I invite the world to take shape
and every time
the world takes shape
I’m invited to open my eyes
and see the world raw,
and naked, holding out its hand
calling me into itself
where I am taken into
the transparency of things …

– Rupert Spira



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the process of perception is one of creation