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New at the artisans’ galleryPascal Rennié

Artist Pascal Rennié, who lives and works in Haute Garonne, France, works with powdered brick and earth pigments as well as acrylic and oil pigments to create works with surface texture that demands touch. They also delight the eye with their minimalist beauty and references to the creative work of nature.

Pascal Rennié: Rites - Initiation
Rites – Initiation 120 x 120
(liant, pousièrre de brique, pigments, acrylique)


Avant de toucher le pinceau, l’idéal serait de créer un état ordinaire, paisible, une fraîcheur, dénué de névroses, loin du combat des pensées et des peurs puis exprimer la vérité d’une situation sans hésitation, sans regret et sans doute.

– Pascal Rennié



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Pascal Rennié at the artisans’ gallery

the art of disciplined freedom

To create from a genuine place is what helps one rise above fixations. There is a sense of beauty in everything and any creation arises as a natural process. Transcending fixations enables one to combine art with spiritual practice. Then there is movement with a bigger view – light with dark, small mind with big mind, abstract with form, form with formlessness – it is all observed in the mind and reflected in the art. In the process one enters into a state of openness – completely free and non-judgmental.


Kongtrul Jigme Namgyel


To allow oneself the freedom to play while abiding in discipline without attachment or aversion brings joy and delight to the process of creation. At the same time one tries to capture something from deep within and enter into the movement of what is in front of you, of what you have created. Then just leave it at that, and be content, however uncomfortable it may be.

– Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche:
On Abstract Art and Natural Creativity

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(Dharma teacher Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche uses another name on his artist’s cap: Kongtrul Jigme Namgyel.)


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kongtrul jigme namgyel at the artisans’ gallery

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