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Hildy Maze is an artist who sees her practice as an exploration of the workings of the mind. We welcome her, with her contribution of images and reflections on her practice, to the artisans’ gallery.


The Awakened Eye: Hildy Maze - Cutting Through


[The paper]… Touched in any way there’s a response; a fingerprint, wrinkle, rip, drip or tear, which then becomes texture and language, traces of process and practice as echoes or footprints challenging our conditioned response to things worn, torn, old, wrinkled or ripped as good or bad, acceptable or not acceptable; challenging our dualistic way of seeing the world.


The Awakened Eye: Hildy Maze - Rumblings of Nostalgia


My work is driven by a curiosity into the investigation of mind thru art. None of us can avoid thoughts, but through awareness of our pitfalls, beauty, strengths and weaknesses we can open windows into the mind. The core of my contemplative art practice is to visually embody the blind spots as a result of our thoughts. I am interested in the study of how the mind works as a means of gaining insight, how we communicate, how we create identity through form, emotions and consciousness, and how we hide in that creation. Essentially this work is about all of us and the empty, clear and unconditional nature of mind we all have.  When we know the nature of our mind we will know the nature of our world.

– Hildy Maze

Images and text ©copyright Hildy Maze

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dharma art – the art of living artfully

From the bookshelf:

Chögyam Trungpa: True Perception - The Path of Dharma Art

True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art


the art of disciplined freedom

To create from a genuine place is what helps one rise above fixations. There is a sense of beauty in everything and any creation arises as a natural process. Transcending fixations enables one to combine art with spiritual practice. Then there is movement with a bigger view – light with dark, small mind with big mind, abstract with form, form with formlessness – it is all observed in the mind and reflected in the art. In the process one enters into a state of openness – completely free and non-judgmental.


Kongtrul Jigme Namgyel


To allow oneself the freedom to play while abiding in discipline without attachment or aversion brings joy and delight to the process of creation. At the same time one tries to capture something from deep within and enter into the movement of what is in front of you, of what you have created. Then just leave it at that, and be content, however uncomfortable it may be.

– Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche:
On Abstract Art and Natural Creativity

Continue reading this excellent article at the Dharma|Arte website

(Dharma teacher Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche uses another name on his artist’s cap: Kongtrul Jigme Namgyel.)


Image © copyright Kongtrul Jigme Namgyel

on painting

kongtrul jigme namgyel at the artisans’ gallery

creative energy, the essence of everything

the tao of water

John Daido Loori - Water of the Ten Directions

Water of Ten Directions


Painter, brush, canvas, image, subject–they are not many.

The painter is the brush, the image is the painter, the subject is the object, the canvas is the paint.

Those things only separate themselves when we separate them by the way we use our mind.

John Daido Loori Roshi, The Eight Gates of Zen

Image copyright © 2008 John Daido Loori Roshi, all rights reserved

Image source

The Tao of Water
a must-see online exhibition of Daido Roshi’s photography

John Daido Loori at the artisans’ gallery

let your subject find you

hearing with the eye

vale, Daido Roshi

everything is this Knowing


Dennis Cordell L47E


There is no observer.
Experience is self-knowing.
Awareness is not observing experience.
Experience is awareness.
Perceptions are awareness.
They are not happening to someone.
The happening is its own knowing of itself.
Everything is this Knowing.
To the mind it seems there is an observer or receiver of experience.
Everything self-liberates into itself.

Jackson Peterson

Image: Dennis Cordell

dennis cordell at the artisans’ gallery

the subject is the echo of its creator

That which lies behind

Meg Hitchcock
Famous Accountants Gallery New York
February 18 – March 20
The Book of Revelation from the Koran

I’m cutting up the Koran, letter by letter, and reassembling it into the Book of Revelation. You could say that I’m de- and re-contextualizing these two monumental pieces of sacred writing.

In addition to the installation, I’ll be showing a few small pieces at my opening at Famous Accountants Gallery on February 18. This one is a beautiful passage from the Koran, an excerpt from the chapter called ‘Light’. I cut the letters from ‘Ecclesiasticus’, a book from the Apocryphal Bible. It’s small; 5.25″ x 3.5″.


Meg Hitchcock: Light


I hope that those who see the show will stop and think about the nature of religious beliefs. I hope the veil is momentarily lifted, and they get a glimpse of That which lies behind. I hope they see that beliefs are nothing more than constructions of the mind. I hope that this resonates with someone, and sets up a vibration that will loosen the fear that’s lodged in the hearts of men and women of all religious persuasions.

– Meg Hitchcock

From her brilliant blog – where you can also view a Rough Cuts Video of Meg working on the installation.

meg hitchcock at the artisans’ gallery