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Dharma Wheel

John Daido Loori, Roshi, has left us. He died on Friday morning.

Gratitude for this extraordinary being and all that he gave to us.

“Tears like falling petals …”


John Daido Loori, Roshi


Deep within wild flowers,
Partridges cry out.
Tears like falling petals
Blow in the Wind.
Eternally and Everlastingly,
It is Revealing Itself.
Above the Bare Branches,
Whistling at the Moon, Playing in the Clouds,
The Golden Phoenix Soars hand in hand with
Dharma Brother Daido.

Bernie Glassman

Source – Zen Peacemakers

hearing with the eye

How can we hear with the eye and see with the ear?  We must first set down ‘the pack’ – the ideas, notions and positions that separate us from reality.  We must take off the blinkers that limit our vision, and see for ourselves that originally there are no seams, flaws or gaps between us and the whole phenomenal universe.  The 10,000 things are in reality neither sentient nor insentient; the selfish neither sentient nor insentient.  Because of this, the teachings of the insentient cannot be perceived by the senses.


John Daido Loori, Wave Echo

John Daido Loori, Wave Echo


Many people think the teachings of the insentient are similar if not equivalent to the teachings we receive from sentient beings.  But hearing the teachings of the insentient is not a matter of ordinary consciousness.  How then can they be heard?  When body and mind have fallen away, in the stillness that follows, the teachings are intimately manifested in great profusion.  Whether we are aware of it or not, they are always taking place.  The teachings of the insentient are about intimacy, not words.

– John Daido Loori

Text and image copyright ©  John Daido Loori

Hearing with the Eye
John Daido Loori

john daido loori at the artisans’ gallery

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