everything is this Knowing


Dennis Cordell L47E


There is no observer.
Experience is self-knowing.
Awareness is not observing experience.
Experience is awareness.
Perceptions are awareness.
They are not happening to someone.
The happening is its own knowing of itself.
Everything is this Knowing.
To the mind it seems there is an observer or receiver of experience.
Everything self-liberates into itself.

Jackson Peterson

Image: Dennis Cordell

dennis cordell at the artisans’ gallery

the subject is the echo of its creator

the subject is the echo of its creator

New at the artisans’ galleryDennis Cordell


Photograph by Dennis Cordell


Photography is the crown jewel of austere poverty. It is what the Japanese poet Hakuin Ekaku has called “the sound of snow.” A photograph can be the answer to a koan that is not information but consciousness.

There is an energy that flows between the photographer and the subject. This energy is the source of inspiration and has a classical association to the muse.  This muse, or exuberance is known as prana or “life force” in Sanskrit, rlung in Tibetan, ch’I or qi in Chinese, pneuma in Greek, spiritus in Latin, ruwach in Hebrew, and, perhaps the word “soul” in English.

Sometimes it is necessary to be very patient for this vitality to arise. Often an external element such as the light and shadow on the subject is an inappropriate ebullience for the “breath” of the muse to arise, but when the “breath” proceeds, the camera photographs and the photographer and subject fuse to create an amalgamation of beauty.

– Dennis Cordell


dennis cordell at the artisans’ gallery