I see through every eye

The Mystic Missal in cooperation with TAT Foundation Press presents “Images of Essence” – a beautiful, hardbound collection of poetry and photographs.

Photographer Bob Fergeson and poet Shawn Nevins bring together their creative wanderings to explore the theme of “The Standing Now” – the moment when a pause in the passing now of our lives reveals eternity.


Nevins and Fergeson each take us on a journey to the very same place (to the Only place?) by heading in opposite directions. They beautifully illustrate and if we pay attention, illuminate, a search for source both within and without. It’s like Rumi with a Nikon.
– Dr. Ron Masa, University of Yourself

A beautiful collection of poems and imagery, and an invitation to self-exploration.
– Photographer and author Paul Rezendes

Shawn Nevins also makes “small films about big ideas” at Poetry in Motion Films.
His first film – Closer than Close – was featured here.

Meetings with Remarkable Women is his latest release – please check it out!

closer than close