Max Gimblett and Lewis Hyde
at The Japan Society, New York
until January 16, 2011


Max Gimblett: Searching for the Ox

Max Gimblett, Searching for the Ox, 2008
sumi ink and mineral spirits on HMP Woodstock, handmade paper, 23″ x 31″


The product of a collaborative meditation by two internationally known artistic visionaries, Max Gimblett and Lewis Hyde, oxherding is based on the Song-Dynasty Chinese “Oxherding Series,” a Zen Buddhist parable of self-discovery comprised of pictures and verse. A contemporary American set of perspectives on this greatly venerated Buddhist text, the exhibition includes six collaborative artist books, a series of 10 sumi ink paintings by Max Gimblett, and 10 poems in Chinese and three English versions translated by Lewis Hyde.

Source: Japan Society website

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