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arts and consciousness
degree programs in visual arts
at JFK University, San Francisco, California

contemplative education
capturing the spark of east and west
in the learning mind

dialogue in consciousness
a shortened version of Stanley Sobottka’s
course in consciousness

dharma art courses
creativity at Shambhala Arts

education for wholeness
schools offering holistic curricula

empty canvas : wondering mind
a series of e-books exploring creativity

fellowships for contemplative artists
The Hemera Institute and its retreat programs

meditations on/in non/dualistic pedagogy
uncertainty, contingency and creativity in education

science and nonduality conferences
explore and experience the interconnectedness of life

the art of learning
a curriculum proposal

the course in consciousness
a continually updated free online book, by Stanley Sobottka

visual arts at Naropa
artistic expression is a means of awakening

zen arts
what is the self that expresses in self-expression?


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inspiration: visual and verbal

crashingly beautiful

slow muse

the culturium

being silently drawn


studio and garden

ashes and snow


bill viola

words for peace

brody neuenschwander

fabienne verdier

all finite things reveal infinitude

stillness speaks

poetry chaikana


miksang institute

nondual inquiry

radiant mind

the painting experience

zen drawing


advaita academy

advaita fellowship

amigo magazine


lucid living

non duality books

non-duality America

non-duality magazine

nonduality salon

noumenon journal

ONE: the magazine

radiant mind

tat foundation

more resources

a r t : artistic realization technologies

a s h e : human ecology

art retreats international


illuminated wisdom

mperience: the world of memes

spirituality and religion

still mountain retreat guide

what if the problem’s not the problem?