Here is what I am!


One day, looking at a red flower-patterned table cloth…
I turned my eyes to the ceiling and saw the same red flower pattern
everywhere, even on the window glass and posts.
The room, my body, the entire universe was filled with it,
my self was eliminated, and I had returned and been reduced
to the infinity of eternal time and the absolute of space…


Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Nets 2013

Infinity Nets 2005


Become one with eternity.
Obliterate your personality.
Become part of your environment.
Forget yourself.


I firmly believe that the creative philosophy of art is ultimately born in solitary meditation and rises from the quietude of the reposed soul to glitter and flutter in the splendour of the five colours.

My momentary life, that is supported by some invisible force, exists in illusions in a brief moment of quietude amidst hundreds of millions of endless light years. The self-revolution which I had been pursuing as a means to live was actually a means to death. What death signifies, its colours and spatial beauty, the quietude of its footprints, and the ‘nothingness’ after death: I am now at the stage of creating art for the repose of my soul, embracing all of these.

– Yayoi Kusama

Source: Yayoi Kusama, by Laura Hoptman

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Yayoi Kusama, by Laura Hoptman, Akira Tatehata, Udo Kulturmann

Yayoi Kusama
– Laura Hoptman



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