exploring the art of effortlessness


Tania Schmieder, Kido Teacups

Tania Schmieder, Kido Teacups, oil on aluminium, 14″ x 13″


My inspiration to start painting came from a powerful encounter with a still life painting by English artist Helen Simmonds. The beauty of it brought me great solace, a powerful sense of clear, still, spaciousness, and a deep knowing about how to proceed during a chaotic and confused time in my life.


Tania Schmieder, Linen Study

Tania Schmieder, Linen Study, oil on linen


I had recently become aware of the concept of effortlessness, and painting became a kind of meditation in action and a practice ground for exploring this.   Can each moment of painting be infused with a sense of relaxed, unhurried spaciousness?


Tania Schmieder, Glass, porcelain and yellow plum

Tania Schmieder, Glass, porcelain and yellow plum, oil on aluminium, 8″ x !0″


Honesty and simplicity are two other qualities that I value and that feed into my work, as do patience and faith.


Tania Schmieder, Quail Eggs

Tania Schmieder, Quail Eggs, pencil on hot press watercolour paper, 9″ x 12″


The practice of painting has brought profoundly beautiful experiences, often of a clear and spacious mind, and has opened me up to a wealth of great beauty and love, such as the mystics describe.


Tania Schmieder, Egg and Rwandan Bowl

Tania Schmieder, Egg and Rwandan Bowl, oil on aluminium, 14″ x 13″


What I am most grateful for is the way this art form has been the doorway for me to find a living teaching and community that supports me to become more familiar with the “intimate unknowable” and my basic sanity.  And that is what gives painting meaning for me – the possibility that my work might do the same for someone else.


Tania Schmieder, Flowers

Tania Schmieder, Flowers, watercolour on hot press watercolour paper, 12″ x 13″


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