from silence to symphony


The impulse to create art is the same impulse that created this magnificent world.
It is the exact same force that creates universe, planet, tree, poem, song, painting, dance.

This deep rooted desire to create and express within us is the impulse of Awareness,
our True Nature, to know itself through becoming, expansion, and Joy.

All art is this Joy in action; from the finite to the infinite and back again,
from silence to symphony and back to stillness.
From the deeply personal to the universal.


Scott Morgan, Cathedral Series

Cathedral Series, each 40 x 30″ Lightjet Prints

Cathedral is a series of documented interventions in the natural world that explore the junction point between what is precious, what is ordinary and what is considered sacred in our modern human life.  Using the tools of the craftsmen of the renaissance; gold leaf, silver leaf, semi precious stones in new and unexpected ways, Cathedral opens up a dialog on these reference points of value and beauty.


From the point of view of our True Nature, there is no distinction between art making and living.


Nothing but


no body
nothing but

no emptiness
nothing but

no world
but silence 

no silence
nothing but

no holiness
but holiness 

no practice
nothing but

no teaching
nothing but

sm 9/17


Scott Morgan, Siren - six channel video installation

Siren, South Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific (six-channel video installation)

Siren is a six channel video piece consisting of three monitors on each wall facing each other. On each monitor a film consisting of shots of an indigenous singer from a country on the edge of one of the great oceans continuously loops. Their faces fill the frame of their respective monitors. The subject is singing a traditional song to the sea, a song of longing, of love, of loss, in their native language. On the opposite wall a singer from the opposite side of that ocean is singing.  Upon entering the room the viewer hears the voices of the people on the monitors as a low murmur, but is surrounded by the sound of the sea. Only by approaching the monitors, coming into the intimate space of each singer, can the viewer hear the song of each individual.


Every action is an expression of Awareness
seeking to celebrate itself as you, and wake up our True Nature.


Scott Morgan, for the love of (installation view)

for the love of (installation view)


Scott Morgan, for the love of (detail)

For the love of, (detail)

For the love of explores the individual and collective, the microscopic and the galatic using the base consituent of life – blood.  It is composed of fifty twenty-four inch square archive color prints, mounted on plexiglas and arranged in a tight grid ten feet high by twenty feet in length.   Each panel is an image of 10 ml of blood taken from one of fifty individuals, photographed in such a way to reveal the deep, multilayered transparency of the blood. Ten Buddhists, ten Christians, ten Muslims, ten Jews, and ten Hindus were selected for this work; mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, sisters, and brothers – a cross section of biology, ethnicity and human dynamics. The panels are randomly installed with no regard for group or relationships. The actual identity of each individual remains unknown.
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My own art practice has been one of surrendering to the river of ideas
and sitting in awe before the ones that choose this empty headed fool
to be their shepherd into the world.

The work is about honouring these gifts
and delighting in their expression through photography, film, installation and writing.
These reflect my lifelong spiritual practice and search for moments
that transcend,
that compel,
that sing the song of both fullness and emptiness.


Scott Morgan, These Ancient Bones

These Ancient Bones, 30 x 40″ Archival Prints

The light of the stars; ancient, fleeting, gone before you see it, the artifacts of time itself. These Ancient Bones is a series of photographs that were created without the translation of camera or lens. The subject is light.  Actually, light of the stars. These pieces were created using just film, exposed on a moonless night, in a remote part of the globe, far from the light of civilization. The film captures the subtle, yet all pervasive light of the stars at different time intervals, creating a range of color, luminosity and emotional response.


Images and text copyright Scott Morgan, courtesy of the artist.



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