a visual haiku


I am engaged in the painting of a perception.
The perception of the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.
Of the backyard flower and of the faraway mountain…
of the sun and of the moon…
of that which calls my heart.
This is the dance I play, and my art is the visible remnant.

Robert Sinclair: Night Bent, watercolor

Night Bent
watercolor 11 x 7 inches


My work is
‘subject matter’ oriented

it has never been descriptive

it is about exploring, possibly as a
metaphor, what is our reality

the answering or exploring of this
question will always be visual

not philosophical.

Much like sumi-e the most important
part of my work is that which is not
painted or that which is left unsaid.


Robert Sinclair: Poplar Run, watercolor

Poplar Run
watercolor 18 x 24 inches


The work is about searching for
balance, specifically a
balancing of opposites.

In a sense the ‘yin and yang’ of things.

Concurrent to this disciplined
approach to form is a free and lyrical
use of colour.

The result is a stillness as if one is
meditating or being presented with a
meditative process.

‘The inward path.’


Robert Sinclair: Up and Uped, 2009, watercolor on arches paper, 15x15 inches
Up and Uped 2009,
watercolor on arches paper, 15×15 inches


The approach has always involved
what is called

‘beginner’s mind’

A state where you know you are
unknowing and open to what is being
presented to you.

– Robert Sinclair

Source: A Visual Haiku, by Robert Sinclair © 2009

Images and text © copyright Robert Sinclair


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