knowing the one being

Paul Mulliner - untitled digital refraction image

One conscious space seems to be present inside and around all of us.

One conscious, no-boundary spatial intelligence, which exists prior to thought, seems to be present in all space and to be where all seeing and knowing occurs.

Our brain is immersed in this cosmic field of consciousness, allowing each one of us a unique window into field-awareness.

If we tune in to this nonlocal, all-experiencing field, we can know intuitively that one conscious self exists in everyone, everywhere, at the same moment.

Our deepest self is the same one self in all of us.

Paul Mulliner - untitled digital refraction image

Keeping in touch with the living cosmic field-intelligence which is the source of our intuition, becomes an inner work which helps us be happy, a crucial part of our everyday life in the world.

As we tune in to the field, we can sense our own continuous becoming moment by moment and know ourselves as a flow-process transforming cosmic energy into material human beings and we can we get closer to understanding the actuality of our world.

We can begin to realise that, moment by moment, cosmic intelligence is becoming visible as our body and the whole observable Universe around us.

Each one of us is cosmic intelligence continuously transforming itself into the cluster of dynamic processes that characterise a living being.

Paul Mulliner - untitled digital refraction image

Cosmic intelligence, which fills all space everywhere, is expressing itself as a visible world by facilitating the continuous dynamic emergence of clusters of quantum-scale resonance vibrations, which we interpret with our senses as the branch of a tree or the shape of a flower.

Despite the persuasive apparent materiality of our human body and our surroundings in the world, it seems that all material stuff is actually clusters of vibrational fluctuations in a field of cosmic energy.

The world is cosmic intelligence continuously making itself visible.

 – Paul Mulliner

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