walking the way of wonder

When creating is happening I seem to disappear.
This has always been a mystery for me.


In the beginning, as a child, there was simply the delight of making things. Pure play. Innocent wonder. Then, during the years of my education, the criteria invented by those who knew what ‘art’ was all about crowded in and I attempted to make my ‘things’ fit those criteria. I began to explore the intellectual arena called aesthetics. And the mystery faded, quietly, almost without notice.


Miriam Louisa Simons: Aquascape series, acrylic on textured canvas


For over twenty years I made my living creating wearable art. The magic of creativity was there, but it was increasingly elusive and erratic. Since its presence brought a profound and inexpressible sense of wonder and rightness, a sense of utter blessing which never occurred elsewhere in my experience, I began to stalk it. As I did so, it led me away from concerns with financial success, with exhibiting, and even with peer acceptance. It took me into the selva oscura, into exile.


Miriam Louisa Simons: Aquascape series, acrylic on textured canvas


The inquiry into creativity had become my teacher, my guru. It took me to places all over the world where I would be involved in creative education, where I would meet others whose over-riding passion was the mystery of creation. It kept me on the road for decades practicing, teaching, inquiring. It ensured I’d never become locked into making a certain type of art product; if I fell into habit or repetition it simply disappeared. It was replaced by tedium.

Eventually the via creativa led me back to square one. I had spent decades forgetting that I knew everything I needed to know about creating (just play) and gathering up an arsenal of concepts and conclusions about creativity. Now I had to forget everything I had learned.


Miriam Louisa Simons: Aquascape series, acrylic on textured canvas


It wasn’t so difficult. Play is the key to beginner’s mind, and humans are hard-wired for play. (Although the wires can become rusty and tangled sometimes!) Beginner’s mind is mind that is free to wonder. No conclusions, no prescriptions, not even any intentions. Just space, in which creation may, or may not, turn up and play.

– Miriam Louisa Simons

Images and text © copyright Miriam Louisa Simons



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