a sparkling sense of aliveness


In the light of everything
only love
can be truth

only beauty can flow

there is only one
there is only one

and the mysterious and wondrous and amazing all there is that can
never be known

only shines, only vibrates
as one, the one Heart


infinitely radiating true freedom in deepest, blissful silence.

– Eva Millauer


Eva Millauer - Digital Photo Montage: 'If'

Digital Photo Montage


My artwork as a visual artist, writer, film maker as well as a performance artist has always one purpose: to communicate the depth beyond our presumed identities, concepts and points of view.

My digital photographic work has evolved from the creation of multi media elements for live performances and a wider exploration of the meaning of human existence.


Eva Millauer - Digital Photo Montage: 'All One'

All One
Digital Photo Montage


An image is finished for me, when I sense a sparkling aliveness through it…. a communication that touches, enlivens and nurtures the depth of being, brings us in touch with the oneness of all there is. My work is not about objects and subjects…. they are non-linear, multi-dimensional communications and not just in the conventional sense ‘surreal’.


Eva Millauer - Digital Photo Montage: 'Thank You'

Thank You
Digital Photo Montage


I have always loved to dance from early childhood and I have always painted or sewn and written poems as a teenager. As soon as my father gave me my first camera I was hooked… and engaged extensively in photography. As soon as I got a chance to make films at art college I was hooked yet again by the fascinating creative potential of this medium. I ended up studying Fine Art at the University of Kassel in Germany and Visual and Performance Art at Brighton University. I graduated (BA hons) in 1998 and have since been on a remarkable journey into creativity as an expression of an ever evolving spiritual understanding of existence.

– Eva Millauer

October, 2015

Images and text copyright Eva Millauer, courtesy of the artist.

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