layer upon layer of lifestream…

Cockova’s works are altarpieces, openings into a dimension of measureless depth, mystery and magic. Her creative spirit drinks at diverse fonts of imagery – from travels in remote Ladakh, from archives of arcane glyphs and scripts, from the vast and wordless non-place called meditation. But her work transcends the superficial or merely decorative response. Its speech is a synthesis of the sacred and the pragmatic, expressing the gesture of true creativity brought into being by innumerable questions unfettered by conclusions, by solitude and surrender, by passionate patience and by spontaneous celebration.


Eva Garimo Cockova: Diamond in the Lotus 1

Eva Garimo Cockova, Diamond in the Lotus 1


To meet these works is to meet humanity and its story. Layer upon layer of lifestream, layers of language, layers sanded back, obliterated, re-laid, layers of toil and time. Place yourself on a small cushion with no distraction save the beating of a quiet heart. If you can be still and silent the traces of Cockova’s encounter with Creation will be apparent to you as sacred scripture.

And you will say:  Here I read the roots of my race.

Source: Eva Garimo Cockova reviewed by Miriam Louisa Simons, 2004


Eva Garimo Cockova: All I Can Remember 11

Eva Garimo Cockova, All I Can Remember 11


Many of my paintings reflect my interest in the spirituality of organic mechanics of nature. They are a calligraphic expression of the relationships of the worlds of DNA, star orbits, circuit boards, movements of subatomic particles, flow of hormones, patterns of language, layers of history.

– Eva Garimo Cockova


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