the love of the inexplicable

I have been attempting to describe my search for the love of the inexplicable using my hands and eyes for over 40 years now.

My images stand alone and frankly do not need much  introduction. They have my life all over them. They are open,  I am not afraid to use my open heart in them. Some might consider that a trifle, but to me it is the all, the everything of what I hope to achieve.


Douglas O Smith: Sweeping Foliage

Sweeping Foliage
oil on canvas 39″ x 52″


I am not interested in hiding behind an intellectual supposition and I am certainly not interested in shocking the viewer with my provocations, except perhaps of a quiet gentle nudge to see the possibility of a greater realm in our perceptions.

I am interested in making a space where people can see perhaps love, perhaps beauty, perhaps joy. To me this is where the changes can happen. My gods are the great poets who reach for the sublime ethers. This mining for the greater gold is what keeps me going.


Douglas O Smith: Clouds

oil on linen, 44″ x 85″


I know and have experienced suffering as most do but my polestar, my guide, is the reckless seemingly illogic of a greater good and truth. Every time I put color to canvas I strive to capture this fleeting moment. I know fully well how difficult this task is, but still I raise my eyes once again to enter into this task still ahead of me.


Douglas O Smith: Under the Plum Tree

Under the Plum Tree
oil on canvas, 20″ x 24″


If there is one consolation I can claim from this endeavor, it is that many others, lifetimes of others have trod this very path, and so maybe I am not mistaken in my choice of direction after all, or at least maybe can see their nobility in such choices and take heart in this. May we all find something worthwhile to do in our limited time on this planet.

– Douglas O Smith

Images and text © copyright Douglas O Smith

The images displayed here are from only one of four portfolios on Doug’s site (Nature) – a visit to his website is recommended to view the entire range of his work.


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