seeing only with the inner eye

When I paint I forget myself
and so my works derive from stillness.

Once an old master said that the true line is dictated by the spirit and not by the brush; in this way painting becomes a form of meditation, a prayer to celebrate the mystery of life.


Berry Mank: Stillness Speaks

Stillness Speaks 76x56cm
acrylic and ink on paper


When I paint I work very fast without pauses and can make quite a lot of pieces in a short period of time.

However when that inspiring moment arrives I never know, until I find myself suddenly fully absorbed by the act of painting and yet completely aware of every movement.


Berry Mank: Pathless Land

Pathless Land  76x56cm
acrylic and ink on paper


This is how my ‘one breath’ paintings come alive, just like a bat who flies through the night sky, seeing only with the inner eye.

The next day I humbly enter the studio, surprised like a child I see all the works lying down on the floor, knowing I have been heaven blessed!

Painting is like a flower blossoming in my heart.

– Berry Mank

Source: private correspondence and Berry’s website.

Images © copyright Berry Mank


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