focus and flow

Anne Judell’s work portrays meditative practice/process beautifully. Her ethereal drawings and paintings often feature a central object in space, emerging out of mysterious shadow. They are meditations on form and void, presenting the contemplative viewer with an unfettered opportunity to enter their dynamic mystery. In this sense they could be seen as examples of yoga art. While her works fall into the abstract category they often remind one of natural phenomena, and the work shown here is no exception – as its title confirms.


Anne Judell: Seed

Kedumba Collection of Contemporary Australian Drawings


When it is going well … I am so absorbed and focused that I don’t feel anything. I don’t ever feel anxious when working. This focus is what differentiates the working mind to [sic] everyday perceptions.

– Anne Judell

Quoted in: SLOW ART: Painting and Drawing as a Meditative Process by Amanda Robins

Image © copyright Anne Judell

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