The artists and artisans featured in this gallery are those who have made explicit – via their own writings or in interviews – an acknowledgement of their creative practice as either a means toward deeper engagement with the intimate unknowable or expression from that mystery. They include contemporary and historical artisans, and are listed here in no particular order.

Please see the artisans page for more thoughts on contemplative art practice and meditative process made visible.

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Robert Irwin Roy Money Paul Cézanne Channa Horwitz Luke Elwes Frederick Franck
robert irwin

the shape
of our perceptions

roy money


paul cézanne

he was the father
of us all

channa horwitz

finding a truth
for one’s work

luke elwes

what is essential
is invisible to the eye


image-maker, sculptor,
writer, teacher

Naum Gabo Meg Hitchcock Albert Irvin Anne Judell Mosh Kashi Yayoi Kusama
naum gabo

there is nothing in
nature that is not in us

meg hitchcock

and more emptiness

albert irvin

a celebration
of being

anne judell

and flow

mosh kashi

in mind

yayoi kusama

here is what
I am!

John Daido Loori Claude Monet Namgyal Rinpoche Pablo Picasso Amanda Robins John Ruskin
john daido

seeing with the
whole body and mind

claude monet

the intangible

namgyal rinpoche

through art

pablo picasso

is a miracle

amanda robins

looking deeply
into things

john ruskin

seeing clearly,
telling plainly

Joan Miro Rupert Spira AffirmationThumb Fabienne Verdier Jerry Wennstrom Miya Ando
joan miró

a total

rupert spira

and creativity

richard stodart

the mutuality
of light and darkness

fabienne verdier

les forces
que me traversent

jerry wennstrom

and transformation

miya ando

subtle traces of

Antony Gormley Robert Spellman Vija Celmins Cecil Collins Claude Smith Berry Mank
antony gormley

within being

robert spellman

freedom from
mental fixation

vija celmins

the work becomes its
own reason for being

cecil collins

the vision
of the fool

claude smith


berry mank

seeing only
with the inner eye

Carole Leslie Robert Sinclair Eva Cockova Breathscribe Douglas O Smith Barbara O'Sullivan
carole leslie

the courage to move
into the unknown

robert sinclair

a visual

eva garimo cockova

layer upon layer
of lifestream


how I pray
is breathe

douglas o smith

the love of
the inexplicable

barbara o’sullivan

painting the paradox
of emptiness

Ron C Moss Janine Brown Dennis Cordell Pascal Rennié Kazuaki Tanahashi Tess Cummins
ron c moss

the way
of haiga

janine brown

from spaciousness
to spaciousness

dennis cordell

the subject is the echo
of its creator

pascal rennié

un état

kazuaki tanahashi

an act
of one instant

tess cummins


Miriam Louisa Simons Mitchell Doshin Cantor Gabriel Rosenstock and Ron Rosenstock Lisa Gakyo Schaewe Kongtrul Jigme Namgyel Dan Dhruva Baumbach
miriam louisa simons

walking the way
of wonder

mitchell doshin cantor

trusting the truth
of the moment

rosenstock & rosenstock

photo haiga

lisa gakyo

of the thaw

kongtrul jigme namgyel

the essence
of everything

 dan dhruva baumbach

a path to stillness
and awakening

JenaThumb KDivine_thumb Ilachinski_thumb1 Sahaja Peace, detail SuzanneMoss: Evening Bliss
jordan wolfson

pre-conceptual presence

jena argenta

there is no ‘other’
in the margins

karen divine

a small amount of

andy ilachinski

the sudden stillness of
deep interconnectedness

melinda blair paterson

that which is innate…

suzanne moss

painting light,
touching space

If_ 3 Hildy Maze - My Own Deceiver Nathalie Delay
eva millauer

a sparkling sense
of aliveness

hildy maze

investigating the mind
through art

nathalie delay

expressing primordial beauty

j.m.w. turner

in search of the sublime

rashid maxwell

love is the way

 paul mulliner

knowing the one being

scott morgan

from silence to symphony

bev byrnes


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