it’s all about relationship

For a few months – more than I intended as it turned out – I had a trial relationship with Facebook. I set up a page associated with this site, for the sole purpose of nudging readers over to explore its contents. It didn’t take long for the page to gather almost 500 followers, meaning folk who liked the page itself, not just the posts.

Several things happened. I discovered the existence of two separate audiences for my blogs – those who use FB and those who don’t – and noticed how different these audiences are; I learned that putting up good  material on FB (which I endeavoured to do on a daily basis) was no guarantee that anyone would click through to the website – in fact the average was about one per week; I noticed that it became somewhat stressful to ‘feed’ the page and monitor the activity;  and further, I learned that FB was not actually showing the page to its followers in their feeds. Why? Because I wouldn’t give them $ to do so. I grew weary of the constant harping for payment to “optimise” my posts.

In short, I realised that the cyber-world of blogging is much more satisfying to me.  While I will always value my FB friends and continue to use my personal timeline as a noticeboard for the things that are important to me, I am making the return to the deeper and more rewarding blogosphere.

Sean Scully‘s video is a good example of the kind of post that I’d have shared on the now-retired FB page. It’s an apt one for my post today, because he too realises that creativity and painting (and life) is all about relationship. But there’s so much more. Whether you appreciate his work or not, his observations are worth consideration. I love the way he speaks of his obsession with “repairing the world”, and how he wants his work to express “a kind of subjective universality” rather than “telling stories.” How knowledge + craft = freedom. These notions are in alignment with all that this site, and yours truly, values.



If you landed on this page via an email notification or social media link, it probably won’t be obvious that the site has had a complete overhaul – including a new theme. The ‘home’ page is now a portal that makes the enormous amount of material in the archives more readily accessible:
Feedback is most welcome!

Relevant reading: how painting can help to change the world, actually


13 thoughts on “it’s all about relationship

  1. So glad to be here – anywhere where you are, Louisa ♥ And I am nudged to share a book of living a creative life: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear. It helped right back into writing with full gusto

      1. What a perfect analogy – “the FB babbling brook” – 🙂
        Thanks Roy, for your positive feedback, your support, your contributions. I hope it’s easier to access the site’s resources now.
        A deep bow to you.

    1. Thank you Kathleen – I’m so happy to know you’ve paid a visit and found something worthwhile. And – to have discovered your blog, your exquisite work, your Pinterest treasury of delights… this has been a wonderful way to start my day! I shall probably spend hours browsing your pages. Thank you for this gift.


      1. Oh you’re very welcome! As you’ll have seen, I’m not very disciplined/regular when it comes to posting thoughts and inspirations. Like a lot of people, I guess a lot depends on what else is going on in my life…..But , even when I’m not actively sharing or creating, I am always seeking out writing and images that resonate in some way. I was delighted to come across your blog recently and to find a gathering of so much that inspires.
        I have listened to the Sean Scully piece twice now. “the articulation of relationship” ;”the human problem”; “cutting the edge free” ; seeing ” how two things (edges) come together” ;”a subjective universality”.
        And the space between…….
        A few phrases that hold a lifetime of exploration…
        Thank you!
        K x

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