who sees the tree?


Piet Mondrian: The Red Tree (Evening), 1908 - 10, Oil on Canvas

Piet Mondrian: The Red Tree (Evening) 1908 – 1910

– – –

Look outside at the sleeping tree there. Who sees the tree?

… Does a body do the seeing or does awareness, consciousness, life see it? What sees the tree? Consciousness? – or a body-centered custodian of consciousness?

Where is the tree? Fifty-seven feet removed from a body-oriented ego-container of awareness, a judge who likes or dislikes what he sees? – or is the tree within awareness? Is the seeing of the tree the activity of a separate-from-the-thing-I-see recipient-of-life, a so-many-year-old male or female pump filled organism who looks out through bloodshot eyes and answers to the name of Bill? – or could it be that it is Deity being the “seeing”?

Indeed, isn’t it just possible that Isness, Reality, God, is the seer “seeing” and being the seen? Could it just be that “seeing” itself is the identity “we” are?

Could we be Life itself rather than the recipient of it? Indeed we can! We are!

– William Samuel, The Awareness of Self-Discovery

In order to understand the true meaning of Abstract Art,
we have to conceive of ourselves as a reflex (reflection) of reality.
This means we have to see ourselves as a mirror in which reality reflects itself.
– Piet Mondrian

Image source: www.pietmondrian.info

7 thoughts on “who sees the tree?

    1. Dear Tiramit – I’m always so heartened to know you’ve stopped by. Your ‘likes’ are like a little handshake across the miles…
      Isn’t that a gobstopper of a conclusion? Can you refute it? I can’t!

  1. Seems Piet was very perceptive of reality! Thanks, I love this painting and my brain hurts when I enquire into this possibility of being the seer as the only one seeing.

    1. Louise – I agree, Piet’s expression of the non dual nature of perception in this quote is remarkable – I wish I could find more quotes from him on this subject.
      Take it easy with your brain – it will never figure out the illusion of subject and object. But if you just relax and remain alert, it will become evident!
      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

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