wherever the eye falls is the face of creation

New at the artisans’ gallery – photographer Mitchell Doshin Cantor

Mitchell, who is also a Zen teacher and member of the White Plum Asanga, currently leads the Southern Palm Zen Group in Boca Raton, Florida. He is also a long time student of Peter Matthiessen.


Wherever the eye falls
is the face of creation.
– Sufi saying


The study, practice, and teaching of Zen have contributed as much to my photography as has any practical instruction. Fortunately, photographers who were technically rich as well as spiritual masters have guided me. I have received great benefit from their teachings. I now wish to share my photographs so that others can be enthused to trust life and its voices, audible and inaudible, in ways that these teachers have helped open for me.


Mitchell Doshin Cantor: Bridgewood Buds

Bridgewood Buds


There is … no need to ask what the image means nor why or how it was taken. For me it is enough to relax into the power of the moment the shutter is pressed or the printer is activated; to have no fear of trusting the truth of that moment.

– Mitchell Doshin Cantor


Mitchell Doshin Cantor at the artisans’ gallery

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