water seeing water

New at the artisans’ galleryLisa Gakyo Shaewe

Water practices and validates water; therefore there is a study of water speaking water. We must bring to realization the path on which the self encounters the self. We must move back and forth along the vital path on which the other studies and fully comprehends the other, and then leap free.

Eihei Dōgen


Lisa Gakyo Shaewe - No Abiding

No Abiding


Letting mySelf melt into water itSelf. Living again and again the resilience and support of frozen states that divide and reflect and in time always crack, giving way to formlessness with no boundaries that can be defined.

– Lisa Gakyo Shaewe

Lisa an artist working in photography and mixed media. She’s also a board certified art therapist, licensed professional counselor and an adjunct faculty / meditation instructor at Naropa University. She lives in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado. Please visit her page to see more of her stunning photography and read her comments about her creative practice.


Lisa Gakyo Shaewe at the artisans’ gallery

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