… totally alive and totally in love


Amanda Clark: The Garden


This book will touch the very essence of who you really are, an essence which is the oneness of all life.  It is a journey to the eternal presence of life itself.  At the heart of life there is a simplicity that is beyond words.  So this is really a book about something that cannot be put into words but will bring you close to knowing what the unknowable is:  The vital essence behind everything, where nothing announces its presence.  It is not a book about anything or how to gain something.  Moreover, it is a play on words, a timeless fable, a dream within a dream, which gently arouses an inner knowing as you read.  It is about being totally alive and totally in love.  The Garden presents visions that a child could understand but not the rational mind.  Beyond logic, beyond rationality, beyond thought itself, there is a presence, where all things manifest, and the words in this book will carry you there… but you will need to leave your logical mind behind if you are to truly awaken from the dream of duality.

Language cannot describe what cannot be spoken.  But perhaps when used in a creative and imaginative way, [it] can help direct you toward that timeless, boundless open space of non duality.  You don’t really need to understand anything.  Beyond understanding, beyond misunderstanding, there is a knowing that will arise all by itself.

The Garden: A Non Duality Love Story
written by Robin Craig Clark and divinely illustrated by Amanda Clark

Download this free ebook at Robin Craig Clark’s website

And see more of Amanda Clark’s work at her earthangelsart website

Image: detail from the book’s cover, by Amanda Clark

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