tracing the ephemeral


In making visual equivalents for the elusive experience of silent watching, I appropriate lines from the outside world in opposition to myself and in this way consider the complex relationship between the external landscape and an inner felt world.


Deborah Feiler: Bees over Lavender
Deborah Feiler: Bees over Lavender


Whilst the repetition of line is governed by underlying structures, such as the shadows cast by the arc of the sun, or the formation of cells, the painting is more to do with the experience of looking, rather than a literal representation.  I think of my paintings as conflating the tangible with the ephemeral, driven by but resisting our instinctive searching for order within chaos.

The Japanese artist Fujimoto suggested: “the overlapping of lines leads us from the surface to the inner world of that thing” and in this way the intention of my work is to move from the found line in the landscape to a quiet and contemplative inner world.

– Deborah Feiler

Sourced from  Deborah Feiler’s website

Image and text © Deborah Feiler

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