slip quietly into non-duality

Gentle Voice – the online newsletter of Siddharthas Intent, is shining its focus on art in the current issue: ‘Art Unlimited’.  Highly recommended for an absolute feast of art-related articles and images – many from artisans who will be familiar to readers here.


Ani Lodro Palmo: Slip quietly into non-duality


This issue of Gentle Voice is titled ‘Art Unlimited’ and there are a multitude of different forms of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, computer generated art, digital graphics, pop art, minimal art, performance art, street art, indigenous art, architecture, music, dance, film, photography, the art of conversation, the art of seduction and so on…!  Types of art are as varied as media, subject matter and technology allow.

Quoted text and calligraphy by by Ani Lodro Palmo, and sourced from Gentle Voice.

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