a streaming … a p p l e n e s s


Robert Spellman: Apple


… in the reality of experience there is no solid apple. The sight of an apple is actually a subtly changing visual pattern, colors of rose and crimson, red and gold, luminous hues that continually transform as the light changes or we move our head slightly. As we pick up the apple, the hard yet soft, fragrant and cool waxy skin is changing moment by moment. We then experience the wafting smell, the crunch of its flesh, the complex flavors that unfold in our mouth, cool and delicate, as the apple disappears into water and sweetness in our body. The concept of “apple” is static, an object in thought. But directly seeing, holding, eating an apple is a succession of minute, ever-changing, subtle colors, shapes, and perceptions that are never still for a moment. Everything is like this: on one level a fixed, seemingly solid world of concepts, but on another, the immediate reality, a stream of a thousand sense perceptions appearing and disappearing moment after moment. In direct perception there is no solid apple, and no solid one who perceives it.

– Jack Kornfield – The Wise Heart


Painting by Robert Spellman

robert spellman at the artisans’ gallery

one begins to glimpse nonduality 

Postscript March 25, 2012:

The current edition of Gentle Voice, the online newsletter of Siddhartha’s Intent,  features (among other delectable items)  an article by/about Robert Spellman – It Takes Two

2 thoughts on “a streaming … a p p l e n e s s

  1. wonderful words from the wiseheart and I visited his site. his work is exquisite and his words amazing. if I was rich and famous I’d attend his workshop at Dharma Ocean in May. Sounds fabulous!

    thanks for the intro to his work!

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