unraveling paradox

New at the artisans’ gallery – sculptor Tess Cummins


Tess Cummins: Fate Map
Fate Map by Tess Cummins, 1998
7.75 x 9.75 x 4.75 inches
Copper sheet and wire, mahogany


It took a while for my ‘otherness’ within the art world to sink in but eventually it did so, when discussion of formal things was apparently not meant to include that beingness, nor nonlocality, non-duality or encounters with shamanic or mystical awareness.  These were not to be included in the aesthetic conversation.

Eventually I settled with a confidence that the works communicate ALL kinesthetically and that if a viewer allowed the slow unfolding of their content then, perhaps, eventually it would move into their hearts, their minds, and emerge as articulated sound…

– Tess Cummins

tess cummins at the artisans’ gallery

2 thoughts on “unraveling paradox

  1. How exquisite!

    Every page of your website is like a shrine room. How blessed we are to enter this many-roomed palace!

    You are truly a jewel for this world. As I thought of the French word, “bijou,” it occured to me that you are more of a “BIJOUTERIE” than a mere bijou!

    I don’t spend much time in cyberspace but discovering your sites, and your boundless rainbow-body-of love-and-wisdom, I will return~little by little, to drink at your fountain…

    Drenched in your beauty,

    Yeshe Khandro

    1. Oh my. What a beautiful comment you have written, dear Yeshe Khandro!
      It makes me glow with gladness that you have found something of worth in this “many-roomed palace”.
      From one jewel to another in love and appreciation
      ~ yeshe dolma – miriam louisa

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