awareness and creativity

Author, poet and potter Colin Drake has generously contributed a new piece of writing – Awareness and Creativity.  Here’s a taste…

Colin Drake, wood fired bowl

… awareness is endlessly creative, continually creating everything that arises in the universe, and also continually destructive in that every ‘thing’, which is ephemeral, finally returns back into that.  For all motion arises in stillness, exists in stillness, is known by its comparison with stillness, and eventually subsides back into stillness.  For example, if you walk across a room, before you start there is stillness, as you walk the room is still and you know you are moving relative to this stillness, and when you stop once again there is stillness.  In the same way every ‘thing’ (consciousness in motion) arises in awareness (consciousness at rest), exists in awareness, is known in awareness and subsides back into awareness.  Awareness is still, but is the container of all potential energy which is continually bubbling up into manifestation (physical energy) and then subsiding back into stillness. […]

– Colin Drake

The complete article: awareness and creativity

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