I am here for all of it!

This post is a tiny extract from an article by artist Jerry Wennstrom published at the excellent Non-Duality America blog


Nurse Log: A Radical Departure

Jerry Wennstrom: Nurse Log


… I had hesitated for a moment then immediately chose to take action and not to give it any more thought.  In retrospect, I believe it was a way for me to jump back into the Now, and in doing so, relinquish all controls and contrived possible outcomes.

I was abandoning the idea of “hope,” false or otherwise, and handing life and death back to the gods for them to do with it what they will.

It was a way of saying, “Yes — there is life and there is death and I am here for all of it!”

– Jerry Wennstrom

Read the whole article at Non-Duality America blog

In the Hands of Alchemy

jerry wennstrom at the artisans’ gallery

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