every time I open my eyes

Every time I open my eyes
I invite the world to take shape
and every time
the world takes shape
I’m invited to open my eyes
and see the world raw,
and naked, holding out its hand
calling me into itself
where I am taken into
the transparency of things …

– Rupert Spira



Rupert Spira’s website

Video source – netineti media organizers of the science and nonduality conference
(Don’t miss their great youtube channel)

rupert spira at the artisans’ gallery

cézanne and nature’s eternity

art and consciousness

spira – expressing the inexpressible in clay and haiku

the process of perception is one of creation

3 thoughts on “every time I open my eyes

  1. I *love* Rupert Spira. I was actually looking for this video the other day to link to on my post, but couldn’t find it. Is it on his website!? I may add it…
    Love loving with gratitude… C

    1. Thanks for the comment dear Christine – I had neglected to include the source of the video, and am grateful for the reminder.
      Have now added the links.
      You should be able to find it easily – go to webcasts on the netineti site.
      ~ ml

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