one with this rapturous world

The view from this hilltop was not breath-taking, like those which are seen occasionally, and which obliterate consciousness with grandeur and silence. Here it was not like that. Here there was peaceful enchantment, gentle and expansive; here you could live timelessly, without a past or a future, for you were one with this rapturous world. You were not a human being, a stranger from a distant land, but you were those hills, those goats, and the goatherd. You were the sky and the blossoming earth; you were not apart from it, you were of it.

But you were not conscious that you were of it, any more than those flowers were. You were those smiling fields, the blue sea, and the distant train with its passengers. You didn’t exist, you who choose, compare, act and seek; you were one with everything.

– J Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living, Second Series

the act of seeing

awareness, meditation and creativity

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