That which lies behind

Meg Hitchcock
Famous Accountants Gallery New York
February 18 – March 20
The Book of Revelation from the Koran

I’m cutting up the Koran, letter by letter, and reassembling it into the Book of Revelation. You could say that I’m de- and re-contextualizing these two monumental pieces of sacred writing.

In addition to the installation, I’ll be showing a few small pieces at my opening at Famous Accountants Gallery on February 18. This one is a beautiful passage from the Koran, an excerpt from the chapter called ‘Light’. I cut the letters from ‘Ecclesiasticus’, a book from the Apocryphal Bible. It’s small; 5.25″ x 3.5″.


Meg Hitchcock: Light


I hope that those who see the show will stop and think about the nature of religious beliefs. I hope the veil is momentarily lifted, and they get a glimpse of That which lies behind. I hope they see that beliefs are nothing more than constructions of the mind. I hope that this resonates with someone, and sets up a vibration that will loosen the fear that’s lodged in the hearts of men and women of all religious persuasions.

– Meg Hitchcock

From her brilliant blog – where you can also view a Rough Cuts Video of Meg working on the installation.

meg hitchcock at the artisans’ gallery

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