purity, simplicity and refinement

Miya Ando is featured at the artisans’ gallery:

Sword making has always been part of Miya Ando’s family identity, mythology and history. Her family went from making swords into the Buddhist priesthood. Both have impacted and informed her path as an artist. The following is extracted from her website, and from an interview with Non-duality Magazine.


miya ando: ghost series

Ghost Series


In my work, I create quiet, abstract, meditative environments with metal. Ultimately I am interested in the study of subtraction to the point of purity, simplicity and refinement.

The state of non-duality is one wherein there is a loss of difference between the viewer and that which the viewer perceives. I do see the practice of art as potentially transformative and [it] can be transcendent.

The Ghost Series is about non-duality, actually. The difference is that there is a figurative element to the works. The idea was that the surface of the work is reflective – perhaps there is another being reflected back – the work becomes a window, the work becomes a trace of something very subtle. Perhaps the ghost is an iteration of a quality we all have universally within ourselves. I am very interested in these very subtle traces of what could be nothingness.

– Miya Ando


miya ando at the artisans’ gallery

2 thoughts on “purity, simplicity and refinement

    1. Yes dear Slavka – it has that quality doesn’t it – such monumental power emerging from such minimalistic expression.

      And what a tradition inspires this work – sword-making!

      Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 – ml

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