one begins to glimpse nonduality…

New at the artisans’ galleryRobert Spellman, associate professor in both the visual arts and religious studies departments at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.


Robert Spellman: Boulder Creek 3

Robert Spellman: Boulder Creek III
acrylic on canvas, nine panels 96″ x 120″


I have been interested in developing yogic understanding since my time in art school.  It has led me to an intensive investigation of mind as it is understood in Buddhist philosophical systems of India and Tibet wherein the nature of mind and experience is examined minutely. This entails a methodical and sometimes arduous dismantling of preconceived ideas about reality.

One begins to glimpse nonduality, the absence of separation between mind and phenomena, subject and object, inside and outside.

This nondual joining or yoga must occur experientially, not theoretically.  Those who have followed this inquiry to its fruition serve as brilliant examples of clarity and accuracy of being.

– Robert Spellman

robert spellman at the artisans’ gallery

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