a vessel for spaciousness

New at the artisans’ galleryJanine Brown

Janine Brown:  Hiranya

Janine Brown:  Hiranya
painted acrylic collage on paper
22″ x 30″


In Buddhist philosophy the word “gate” refers to an entry point into a deeper experience of reality. This entry point, or gate, can be anywhere or anytime, but an obvious example would be the practice of meditation.

In one form of meditation, a person sits still and observes one’s inhalation and exhalation as a swinging door between our ordinary perception and another, more open, experience of reality. Since the person is just sitting there, they have not gone anywhere or through any gate, thus it is a gateless gate.

I am thinking of these paintings as a gateless gate.

I experience the process of painting as an entry into a more expansive reality.

My intention is to create images that are a vessel for spaciousness.

– Janine Brown


janine brown at the artisans’ gallery

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