welcoming the Totality

Francis Lucille writes eloquently and clearly on the impossibility of separating the observer from the observed. This is a portion of a longer essay –  welcoming the totality – posted as a page on this site.

Even if you create the thought that there is someone who is separate from [the Totality] as the observer or the perceiver, this thought itself is one more appearance from which you are not separate.

Recognize the immediacy of all appearances as a fact. The separation comes after the fact, as an interpretation of the fact. Separation can exist only between two perceived objects, between a chair and a table, for instance. But how can we talk about separation between something that we perceive and something that we don’t perceive? Between something that is perceived and that which perceives? In order to see, to establish such a separation, we should be able to perceive the perceiver, to see it as separate from the perceived. And that is not possible.

Ask yourself: In my experience, do I stand separate from that which I perceive? Your experience is the only point of reference in deciding this question. We are not talking about philosophy here but about perception, how we perceive the body and the world, our life itself. It may sound theoretical but it isn’t. It is only practical. Practicality demands that we eliminate anything that has no purpose, no meaning and which is a waste of energy. Any activity, thought or feeling based upon the illusion of separation is such an unnecessary burden. And that is especially true of the way we perceive the body and of the way we perceive the world.

– Francis Lucille


welcoming the totality

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