closer than close

Is there an eternal part of ourselves? What has lasting meaning? Where do we find certainty? Rather than philosophical discussion, this film explores the possibility of living a life devoted to a search for answers, and the radical possibility that answers exist, closer than we can imagine, within our selves.



Closer Than Close is a deftly crafted and poignant tale that weaves the stories of a handful of seekers bivouacked at various stages along the spiritual path with the straight-talk wisdom of three extraordinary individuals who have seemingly put an end to seeking. This juxtaposition creates a compelling resonance in which we can see (if the angle of light is just so) that the seekers and those that have stopped seeking are closer than we think. These are real stories of struggle and despair, friendship and hope, but above all, insight. Put this video on your list, better yet put it in your player and see what happens.
John Kain

poetry in motion films

Film maker Shawn Nevins works full-time as a naturalist with the Louisville Metro Parks system. His creative endeavors include poetry which has appeared in several publications, co-editing a collection of spiritual essays, poems, and photographs, and a growing interest in photography.

Shawn also has a helpful and informative website which offers “Ratings of spiritual teachers, guidelines for choosing a teacher, reviews of spiritual movies and books, discussion boards, and links to other spiritual sites.”

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