slipping a gear into oneness

On one unusually radiant day, I took a walk up the burn above the house and into a steep-sided corrie.  It was sheltered there and magnificent – mountains on both sides, and below, tiny stands of water which looked like handfuls of shiny coins tossed down.  I sat on a rock and ate cheese sandwiches.

And there, quite suddenly, I slipped a gear.

There was not me and the landscape, but a kind of oneness: as though the molecules and atoms I am made of had reunited themselves with the molecules and atoms that the rest of the world is made of.  It was very brief, but I cannot remember feeling that extraordinary sense of connectedness since I was a small child.

– Sara Maitland © 2008

From A Book Of Silence

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2 thoughts on “slipping a gear into oneness

  1. Hello!

    Thanks for posting Sara’s personal story of oneness and enlightenment. It touches me deeply to see the glorious way in which she became one with all. She dramatizes how we can embrace wholeness as we become conscious of an expanding reality through our personal life and experience. In the art of wholeness in living we open our hearts wide to every song of life.

    Mayte Picco-Kline
    Author of Wholeness in Living

  2. Thank you Mayte for visiting, and for your beautiful comment. Yes Sara’s story is an inspiration, and I am grateful to her for expressing and sharing it. Now I’m hopping over to your website!

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