Cézanne and Nature’s Eternity

Rupert Spira‘s excellent essay on Paul Cézanne, Nature’s Eternity is one of a collection of essays in his book The Transparency of Things – highly recommended reading for anyone interested in nondual awareness and its deepest implications.


Paul Cezanne: Mont St. Victoire


Paul Cézanne said, “Everything vanishes, falls apart, doesn’t it? Nature is always the same but nothing in her that appears to us lasts. Our art must render the thrill of her permanence, along with her elements, the appearance of all her changes. It must give us a taste of her Eternity.”

That statement must be one of the clearest and most profound expressions of the nature and purpose of art in our era.

What did Cézanne mean, standing in front of a mountain, Mont St. Victoire, one of the most solid and enduring structures in nature, when he said, “Everything vanishes, falls apart…?”

Cézanne was referring to the act of seeing.

We do not perceive a world outside Consciousness. The world is our perception of the world. There is no evidence that there is a world outside the perception of it, outside Consciousness.

The seen cannot be separated from seeing and seeing cannot be separated from Consciousness.

– Rupert Spira, Nature’s Eternity

 The Transparency of Things.

Read the whole essay HERE


nature’s eternity

rupert spira at the artisans’ gallery

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