I in the Nothing

The dusky darkness spread like the network of a great tree.  In an elm the thrush was singing.  He was so hidden and one with the bushy twigs that I could only see him by his tail which twitched when his song altered.  Everything else was motionless except a broken twig which stirred and swung by a strip of bark.  As I went along I made an effort to climb out and get into these things – into the mysterious darkening and sealing of the earth, the quietening that is as the loveliest psalm of rest.  And at last I did.  I stood leaning on a gate.  I was behind the sky.  I was in the ground.  I was in the space between the trees.  My meaning grew in the earth and the firmament – I in the Nothing in which all is related.

– Margiad Evans

The Winter Journal, p39
The Autobiography of Margiad Evans, Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1943

Source: the nonduality highlights

seeing without shadows

the act of seeing

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